Top Health Problems Caused by Drugs and What to Do About It

There are many health conditions that are caused by drug abuse, and if not controlled at the right time, it could even eventually lead to death.

The health conditions caused by substance abuse would impact your professional and personal life and make it difficult for you to sustain health.

Some of the health conditions caused by drug use are as follows –

Respiratory Issues

When you smoke or take drugs frequently, the lungs are exposed to a lot of toxins that would impact the alveoli of lungs negatively. It could weaken the lungs and cause infections regularly and may eventually also cause cancer or other chronic and severe diseases.

Brain Damage

People who use drugs notice a difference in their brain chemistry and many other side effects of drug use can eventually result in brain damage. Starting from depression to anxiety to many other brain diseases may crop up with the constant use of drugs.

Kidney Damage

The drugs could damage the kidneys faster than any other organ because the kidney is responsible for filtering the chemicals we intake. If the bloodstream contains too much drugs, the kidney would not be able to filter properly and it could lead to permanent long-term kidney damage.

Gastrointestinal Issues

When drugs are taken orally, it could harm your intestinal lining and could also damage your stomach lining, causing constipation and other gastric issues.

These are just some of the issues that are caused by drugs abuse, but actually, there are endless health conditions that can be caused by drug abuse. Going to Arizona drug rehabs can make it easier for you to fight the drug use and recover.